Tuesday, August 7, 2007


XLRI - In addition to a well-run MBA course, XLRI offers a specialisation course in Industrial Relations. This is highly rated among the courses in Personnel Management in India. The name XLRI - Xavier's Labour Relations Institute misleads people into thinking that the institute trains only in labour relations. Please realise that they also conduct a well-recognised general MBA program.

TISS - The Tata Institute of Social Sciences conducts an MA in Personnel Management, which is rated highly in the industry as a world-class qualification in that area.

IRMA - Focuses solely on Rural Development using the co-operative model. It restricts placement to voluntary agencies and co-operatives. Besides IRMA, the other colleges that offer a program on rural management and marketing is IIM-Ahmedabad.

IIFT - Focuses solely on foreign trade. Placement is thus largely in export departments/houses. It is widely rated as the best in India. The other colleges popular for International business are IMI, Delhi and SIFT in Pune.

NIFT - Focuses solely on the garment industry. Placement is restricted to this area.

IIFM - Focuses on the management of forest resources. Set up with help from IIM-A, it is getting good placement offers.

NITIE - The Mumbai based institute focuses on Industrial Management and is well recognized in its field. The other colleges in this offering a similar program are the IITs, the best of which are the programs of IIT Bombay, Delhi and Kharagpur


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I see that we are writing about similar things. Have a look at the research I did on my blog! It seems that MBA is not that useful! What you think about this? Where are you from? Are you doing CFA or something else?



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