Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MBA in disaster management

There is lot of scope for persons who have a certificate in disaster management besides a professional degree. An IT professional can apply his knowledge in various software designed for disaster management, an engineer can work on building designs by providing for various disasters. For such people there are also opportunities in international organizations such as World Bank and ADB, Government organizations such as the NIDM and the State Disaster Management Centers, teaching in various institutions, NGOs and in the private sector too. Now with every State setting up a disaster management authority, opportunities abound there as well. Job prospects are expected to increase with the Government paying more attention to calamities.

There are some basic similarities between planning and management for any other complex job. For easy conceptualization, the entire work for which an action plan needs to be prepared may be called a Job. This job consists of individual tasks and each task requires the performance of certain functional roles. Management of a disaster can be divided into the following jobs:

* Mitigation of the negative impact of disaster.
* Immediate rescue and relief.
* Rehabilitation.
* Documentation and learning for the future.

Working with the organizations dealing with disaster management, one has to develop disaster management plans, build response mechanism etc.

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