Saturday, August 11, 2007


With this year's CAT just 3 months away a few tips for those who have started the preparations well in advance and for those who are yet to start

*Start now!
*It is never too early when it comes to preparing for CAT. The earlier, the better! Starting early would give you that much more time to learn, understand, apply and remember.
*There are several institutions like TIME, IMS, Career Forum etc that have a complete module for CAT. Taking up coaching classes in one of these centres will help you systematise the process.
*Apart from regular classes, these centres give model question papers and also conduct several mock CAT examinations to help identify your strengths, weaknesses and thereby enable focused learning.
It is vital to brush up your basic Math and Language skills.

*Part of your daily routine:
Make preparation for CAT a part of your daily schedule. Continuous practice is vital. Practice makes perfect. So perfect the art of practice.

Set yourself deadlines in simple things like completion of a section. This will not only help you judge your speed, but also help you improve it.
Remember that it's you who wants to see yourself sitting in one of the IIMS this time next year. So give your best. Don't ever let over confidence or laziness ruin your chances.

*Read up:
Your regular course material aside, you also need to update yourself with what's happening in the world. Read newspapers, magazines, editorials, simply anything you can lay your hands on.
Apart from equipping yourself with general knowledge, you are also improving your reading speed, which is very important in the entrance examination.
Also, you could get a passage on anything from 'Possibility of life on Mars' to 'Water scarcity in Chennai'. So reading a wide-range of articles would help you be prepared for any topic.

*Believe in yourself:
Have the right amount of confidence in yourself. In times of fear or doubt, tell yourself "Of course I can, I should , I will!" After all, hard work will never let you down.
Treat this as a genuine learning process that's going to help you crack several tests, interviews in future with great ease.

All the best!

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