Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MBA in marketing

The objective of the MBA-Marketing degree program are to increase the knowledge and enhance the skills of those working in the field of marketing, advertising, public relations etc. The goal is to develop increased sophistication relative to marketing decisions, and prepare students to study at advanced levels.
Marketing in the past focused mainly on basic concepts like the 4 Ps, and primarily on the psychological and sociological aspects of marketing. Competitive advantage was created by directly appealing to the needs, wants and behaviors of customers, better than the competition. Successful marketing was based on who could create the better brand or the lowest price or the most hype. Marketing in the future will be based on a more strategic approach to competitive marketing success.[2] Marketers will consciously build and allocate resources, relationships, offerings and business models that other companies find hard to match. This does not mean the four P approach is dead, simply that it has been expanded upon.
MBA Marketing program is designed for students who have career goals in product management, marketing research, relationship management, and value chain management. Career opportunities exist in a variety of industries especially service-oriented marketing, high technology, consumer durables, and business-to-business industries.Typical positions available to graduates are: service representative, account manager, brand manager, channel manager, marketing manager, product manager, and sales manager.

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