Monday, October 29, 2007


HR deals with key factors in industrial relations, human resource planning, human resource development, advanced industrial relations training and development, wage and salary administration, guidance and counselling. Human resource management also involves recruiting personnel and their training and handling union-management relations.

Topics also cover diagnosis and prediction of individual behaviours, group and inter-group behaviour, culture and tradition, values and social systems, influence of technology, power and politics, leadership and inter-personal skills, effectiveness of organisations, team building, problem solving, decision making, law and ethics and so on.

when a company recruits for its HR position, it looks at the following traits in a candidate: excellent communication skills; the students' attitude; the number of guest lectures and the projects that a university offers; the number of lecturers in the university; Special programmes conducted in the course; the number of courses/electives offered for HR (example) Balance Score Card. The most important skill required is negotiating skill, which is more important for HR.

One should choose reputed institute/business schools offering quality education for MBA admission.

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