Friday, October 26, 2007


I was out of my home for last month.So iwas not able to to make any posts during that time.Hope I can continue posting from now onwards

Having an M.B.A.-or at least the skills such a degree offers-just might work better for you in today's economy, especially because companies are looking for employees with more well-rounded skills than just narrowly focused engineering skills.
It may make that person more flexible in down times, where employers might rely on that person to take on more responsibility.
About 25 percent of MBA students are engineers. Increasingly therefore it is expected that more graduate engineers will undertake this qualification in the future. Most MBA courses are aimed at all graduate disciplines. A few universities offer a technical MBA.

It is important that engineers widen their knowledge and skills in the management area if they wish to become senior managers in manufacturing industry. Having already obtained a technical degree, an MBA completes their education in the wider areas of management that usually include subjects such as finance, marketing, human resource management, organisational behaviour, and management strategy. The engineer thus has the opportunity to quickly progress in their career usually through fast track promotion into very senior management posts.
This is also important because the role of the engineer is changing - within an industrial company, the engineer is likely to be the manager that has to implement new practices and new technology. Thus the engineer often becomes the primary manager of change within the modern organisation, which again requires specific skills and learning

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