Friday, July 13, 2007


It is natural to feel tense about the CAT since that would probably have been the only thought on your mind for the last few months. So, what should you do to ensure a good performance on the D-Day?
Take a maximum of one or two mock CATs this week and do not look at your scores, as that will only add to your anxiety. Just take the test, and see what new things you can learn from the questions. It should be a very light week and no serious subject preparation.
On the D-Day
Start early from home and reach the exam hall at least half-an-hour before the reporting time. The entire test process will take more than three hours and hence, take care of your breakfast, using the rest room, etc.
At the exam hall, keep your watch on the table as it forces you to keep looking at it while the test is in progress. Make sure that you fill correctly all the details in the OMR sheet. See that the OMR sheet is not crumpled and don't make any stray marks on it.
Be prepared for something new that could be there in the paper - be it the structure of the paper, the test areas, the way the questions are organised, the break up of sections, the marks per question or negative marks per question. This makes a lot of test-takers nervous. Remember everyone has the same paper. So, don't get intimidated

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