Thursday, July 19, 2007


1.Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad
2.Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore
3.Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta
4.Indian Institute of Management – Lucknow
5.National Institute of Industrial Engineering – Mumbai
6.Management Development Institute – Gurgaon
7.Xavier Labour Relations Institute – Jamshedpur
8. S.P.Jain Institute of Mgmt & Research, Mumbai
9. Faculty of Mgmt Studies, Univ. of Delhi, Dehli
10.Shailesh J. Mehta School of Mgmt, IIT – Bombay
11. Indian Institute of Management – Kozhikode
12.ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad
13.University Business School, Chandigarh
14.Dept. of Mgmt Studies, IIT – Delhi
15. Xavier Institute of Mgmt., Bhubaneswar
16.Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Mgmt, New Delhi
17.Institute of Rural Management, Anand
18.Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
19. International Mgmt. Institute, New Delhi
20.Goa Institute of Mgmt, Goa
21.Institute of Mgmt. Technology, Ghaziabad
22.T.A.Pai Mgmt. Institute, Manipal
23.Indian Institute of Management – Indore
24.Nirma Institute of Mgmt, Ahmedabad
25.Fore School of Mgmt, New Delhi
26.Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
27.Regional College of Mgmt., Bhubaneswar
28.Indian Institute of Modern Management, Pune.
29.NILM Centre for Management studies ,New Delhi.
30.Prin.L.N.Welingkar Institute of Mgmt Development Mumbai
31.Loyola institute of Business Administration, Chennai.
32.Vinod Gupta School of Mgmt IIT-Kharagpur
33. Institute of Technology & Management ,Mumbai.
34.Alliance business Academy ,Bangalore
35.Graduate School of Business & Administration ,Noida
36.PSG Institute of Management Coimbatore
37.Prestige Institute of Mgmt & Research ,Indore
38.Institute of Financial Mgmt & Research ,Chennai.
39.Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow
40.Indian Inst. of Social Welfare & Business Mgmt ,Kolkota
41.Bharathidasan Institute of Management ,Tiruchirapalli
42.Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi.
43.Department of Management Science ,Pune University, Pune 44.
Amrita Institute Of Management Coimbtore.
45.Rourkela Institute of Mgmt Studies ,Rourkela.
46.Rajagiri School of Mgmt, Cochin
47.Indian Institute of Rural Mgmt, Jaipur.
48.N.L.Dalmia Inst.of Mgmt Studies & Research ,Mumbai.
49.Indian Inst of Health Management Research ,Jaipur.
50.Master School of Management, Meerut

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