Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wharton business school

The Wharton School is the business school of University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1881 through a donation of Joseph Wharton, making it the world’s first collegiate business school.

In conjunction with the other schools and colleagues of the university, Wharton grants B.S., MBA, offers a Ph.D. program, and holds several diploma programs. With the most electives of any business school[citation needed], Wharton offers concentrations in Accounting, Business and Public Policy, Entrepreneurial Management, Environmental Management, Finance, Health Care Systems, Human Resource and Organizational Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Management, Marketing, Multinational Management, Operations and Information Management, Real Estate, Retailing, Statistics and Strategic Management.

The admissions process at Wharton is highly selective — it is one of the most competitive business schools in the U.S. A high GPA, high GMAT score, and very strong non-quantitative credentials are typically prerequisites to admission

Nineteen majors are available to Wharton MBA students, who can also elect to pursue double majors or individualized majors. During their first year students pursue a required core curriculum. After completing the first year, electives are available. The MBA program offers nearly 200 electives within Wharton's 11 academic departments, the largest selection of any business school. Thousands of other University electives are also offered through other Penn schools. MBA students may also spend term time at INSEAD's Fontainebleau and Singapore campuses. Wharton also offers MBA Program for Executives which is a two-year, weekend residential program built on the same curriculum as regular MBA program. Executive program is offered in two locations: on the Wharton campus in Philadelphia and at Wharton West in San Francisco

Wharton's required pre-term includes coursework, waiver testing, and the "Learning Team Retreat". Coursework includes introductory and review courses in financial accounting, microeconomics, statistics, and financial analysis. Preparatory courses cover material not included in Fall coursework that students are expected to understand. In addition, Pre-term includes classes on business history and languages, as well as short seminars in communication skills, computing technology, trading simulations, and career management.

Offered on a quarterly schedule throughout the first year, core courses cover traditional management disciplines finance, marketing, statistics, and strategy, as well as the leadership, ethics, and communication skills needed at senior levels of management

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