Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Save money using cheap energy

As Gasoline prices touching $4 a gallon,It is time for you to think about energy conservation.You will be thinking wher to beginand how bto continue . Here comes the right choice.Ignite powered by stream energy is a wonderful venture by Jay leatherwood in his quest for save on power.You can get paid on your energy bill
There are various compensation schemes avalible-Monthly bonus plan,Weekly bonus plan,
Leadership bonus plan etc.These plans reward you accordingly.They actually help you to switch to cheap electricity using their various plans. The saving in your energy bills thus makes out to be several hundred dollars per month.You can sign up for the following positions Ignite services program,marketing associate.Although the second position is less costly, I personnelly believe that you should go for the first one.You can also make use of the powercentre program if you go for the first one.
If you’re ready to turn energy into income, then take the next step and join the Ignite community of entrepreneurs.

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