Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cat preparation tips

Tip 1 :
First of all do not be nervous at any point of time just because it is ’’cat’’.
Your level of confidence should not deterioate at any period between the day you start preparing till the day you give the exam. As this will definately affect you mentally and your morale will go down. Just consider the cat as any other normal exam you have given before.
Tip 2 :
After you are mentally prepared and confident of giving the cat the next process is the preparation. You have to atleast dedicate 10 months of intense preparation for the cat if u expect a good grade. After all hard work and sheer dedication in something results in everything. But you have to take care that you dont stress yourself while preparing. When i mean intense preparation i dont mean you have to actually dive into the books, become a bookworm or consume everything in your blood.
Tip 3 :
Once you begin the preparation it has to be in a disciplined manner. You should be honest with yourself that what you plan you will execute. In this way you can prepare yourself in around 7 months. In simple words if you slog hard for 7 months you can relax for the next 7 years.
Tip 4 :
When cat is concerned, the emphasis is basically made on english and maths of which english is comparatively tough. So you should devote more time on english and give the next priority to maths. It is very easy to score full in maths but not in case of english. So practice more by solving more questions of english as possible. The words in english have to be revised again and again and again until you are familiar with almost all of them. Maths can be done by solving problems as well but not by learning.
Tip 5 :
Finally you have to dedicate atleast 2-3 months for solving as many papers as you can. Try to go through the previous years’ cat papers as most of the questions are based on the same concept

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