Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Part-time MBA programs were specifically designed for the working professional. Classes are almost always scheduled in the evening, because most part-time MBA students work during the day. Program Duration Part-time MBA programs usually take two to three years to complete, but may take up to five. Some part-time programs require fewer courses than full-time programs, while others require the same number.
Program Advantages Part-time MBA programs are wonderful for the student who needs to work. Because classes are scheduled outside of normal business hours, it is possible to achieve an education or further your career while you work full-time. And, if your employer offers tuition reimbursement, you can get your MBA for free.
Program Disadvantages Not all schools offer part-time MBA programs. You may be required to attend a school that is not your first choice. Also, if you plan to transfer to a full-time program at a later date, your credits may not be transferable.
Admission Gaining admission to a part-time MBA program varies in difficulty depending upon the business school that you choose

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